How to find your opponent’s Pokemon weakness quickly during battle

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Pokéctiveness2 examines the other party’s weaknesses Pokéctiveness2 is a mobile web application that examines the opponent pokémon’s weaknesses in order to advance the battle. You can find your opponent’s weaknesses and double weaknesses to advance the battle in favor You can use it on your smartphone without installing You can use it on your smartphone without installing it, and if you register it on the Home screen, you can start it up and use it just like a normal application. Without keystrokes Without any annoying keystrokes, you can select Pokemon with just a touch. Also you can find weakpoint by race. References Pokéctiveness2: jamp into the application. User’s Manual: jamp … Continued


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Pokéctiveness2はバトルを有利に進めるために相手の弱点を調べる Web アプリケーションです


インストールなしでスマホで使える インストールなしでスマホで使うことことができる上に、スマホのホーム画面に登録して普通のアプリケーションのようにワンクリックで起動して使うことができます