Web Services


  • monitor: Monitor service for your sensors & camera device whose are on your Board Computer.

  • avis_courrier & biff: A box to hold letter which take photo with inexpensive wide range cammera and send notification.

  • Hypha & Rhizosphere: P2P collaborative service with devices & Server


Raspberry Pi

  • mh_z19: Python library for the inexpensive CO2 sensor.

  • gc_setups: Raspberry Pi Setup scripts.

  • gc_modem: 3G utilities for Raspberry Pi.

  • HomeStation: Make your home TV an interactive Watch.

  • getrpimodel: A python library to get Raspberry Pi model Name(eg: A, B, B+...) for branch the logic in accordance with RPi model. This can be useful to use correct serial if RPi3 or other models.

  • GetRPimodel_cpp: C++ version of getrpimodel.

  • view2: Take photo and send it to server, especially to the monitor.



  • Incremental Counter
    Persistent Incremental Counter. It might be useful to count Error or somethings accross session, for example, count network error and reset network if it exceed a threshold.